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Every vapor intrusion occurrence presents a unique set of variables to diagnose, which requires an advanced understanding of contaminant mapping strategies, concentration levels, the building structure, air pressure dynamics and vacuum field extensions of sub slab ground conditions.

Clean Vapor’s mitigation team is experience in analyzing all of these components and how they interact with each other over the lifetime of a vapor mitigation system. In addition, with over 100 years of combined experience Clean Vapor’s team of experts has assisted in the creation of regulatory standards for air quality and building codes to insure occupant’s safety. All of this experience and knowledge goes into every Vapor Intrusion Mitigation System (VIMS) we design.



The long-term success of a vapor mitigation system starts with the proper interpretation of field data. Although designing a mitigation system requires adherence to basic mechanical principals, a “standard mitigation solution” does not exist. In addition to the unique variables of each occurrence, regulatory standards differ between states, so a complete custom design is necessary to ensure regulatory compliance and effective mitigation.

The soil contaminants, concentration levels, the physical structure, the building’s air pressure dynamics, vacuum fields, and aesthetic requirements all go into the planning of every Clean Vapor mitigation system design. The final diagnosis, design report and scope of work provides all the details you need to make an informed decision. Clean Vapor works hand-in-hand with you to ensure stakeholder buy-in, manage the regulatory environment and put your project on a path to success as we get ready to build.



Creating and installing a vapor intrusion mitigation system (VIMS) is a major undertaking that goes beyond the experience and knowledge necessary to install less sophisticated residential radon systems. Fortune 500 companies throughout the country, with complex work environments and sensitive operational concerns have trusted Clean Vapor to deliver advanced design and engineering solutions that include cutting-edge, mitigation technologies and patented electronic management systems built specifically for their unique outcome.

Clean Vapor’s installation team is well-rounded, both in scientific expertise and mechanical aptitude, if unanticipated installation challenges arise, the right person is onsite to make decisions that maintain the design’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Start Up and Balancing are two of the most crucial steps of installing a vapor intrusion mitigation system. This delicate, often time-consuming, process is essential in long-term success of reducing soil borne contaminates, as well as establishing a benchmark for remote access and control that makes your system easy to monitor.



The ultimate goal of any vapor intrusion mitigation system (VIMS) is the successful removal of contaminants and its eventual decommissioning. For this to happen documentation showing the reduction of contamination and proper monitoring must be provided.

After your system has been properly balanced and completed with gauges and alarm panels your custom Operations & Monitoring plan can begin. Clean Vapor’s O&M plans include an inspection and maintenance schedule that complies with your state’s regulations and quarterly reports that track the depletion of soil contaminants.

Clean Vapor’s patented, self-adjusting monitoring systems, designed in partnership with Vapor Dynamics, responds to changing environmental conditions, like temperature or building pressure variations. Static and dynamic, responsive driven control systems with real-time telemetric monitoring are available to help you maximize energy efficiency and create significant savings.

Remote management and monitoring, once viewed as a convenience, has recently become an operational necessity that is essential in mitigating long-term liability and ensuring peace of mind.

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Clean Vapor has developed a proven four step process to provide solutions and regulatory documentation for clients with vapor intrusion concerns.
  • Edward Hettrick
    Clean Vaper is fantastic. The best in the business. I highly recommend them.  
    Edward Hettrick
  • Lisa Autry
    "In a new field concerning Radon I was overwhelmed with the variety of options and prices. Clean Vapor guaranteed results that did not come easy. This company was exceptionally professional and efficient. After having double digit radon levels they worked tirelessly to get them to 3.3 so I can sell my house with a clear conscience. I would recommend this company without hesitation."
    Lisa Autry
  • John Maddox, Senior Consultant
    "I thought I’d pass along my appreciation for Marcos Aguilera (Crew Chief) and the crew’s efforts (Chris Welles and Tony Cabral) on the Hudson Cleaners/NYC installation. Marcos showed good leadership and technical skills in organizing and implementing the work, and represented himself well with others on the job. The quality of the finished work was excellent, even that performed on the suspended platform with limited mobility."  
    John Maddox, Senior Consultant
    ERM, Melville, NY
  • Aurelia Ionescu

    "High level of professionalism.  Great design, impeccable work.  The design of the system was tailored to meet the specific requirements of my house.  The job was completed in a timely fashion with adequate planning."

    Aurelia Ionescu
    Pompton Lakes Homeowner
  • Rich Lombardo

    "After getting my Clean Vapor system installed it became clear why Clean Vapor is a leader in vapor mitigation..."

    Rich Lombardo
    Pompton Lakes Homeowner