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Aerospace and DOD

Aerospace manufacturing and DOD sites create unique vapor intrusion and mitigation challenges, as well as complex security and work access restrictions. Clean Vapor is experienced in navigating these unique challenges and delivering customized mitigation systems with patented response-driven controls, remote management tools, and critical performance data while reducing energy and cutting costs for our exclusive clientele.

Chlorinated solvents, mixed commingled fuels, methane, and low permeable soils, coupled with large open building spaces, require extensive soil mapping knowledge and experienced designers to develop a mitigation system that meets these unique challenges. Our unique remote management tools provide performance data, response-driven controls, and unprecedented energy efficiency.


Industrial and Pharmaceutical

Legacy industrial and pharmaceutical manufacturing sites create complicated mitigation challenges due to chlorinated solvents and hydrocarbons, like benzene, while active pharmaceutical sites introduce unique underlying soil conditions, clean work rules, and strict air pressure requirements. Clean Vapor’s diagnostic, design, and construction teams are experienced in overcoming these challenges while delivering customized mitigation systems with patented response-driven controls and remote management solutions for these unique conditions.

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New Construction/Commercial Redevelopment

New construction and commercial redevelopment drive community renewal, and forward-thinking developers consider vapor intrusion mitigation as part of the construction/redevelopment process. With over 450,000 Brownfields in the United States, finding clean dirt to build on or redevelop is growing more complicated. Clean Vapor specializes in the design and installation of energy-efficient vapor mitigation systems for new and existing buildings.

AARST has recognized us for innovation in our mitigation systems. Many of our processes are foundational to existing regulatory guidance documents, national codes, and industry best practices. The US Navy’s NAVFAC: Vapor Intrusion Mitigation in Construction of New Buildings Fact Sheet also highlights our methodologies. Clean Vapor designs every system as a “complete building solution” that provides for remote monitoring and management capabilities to ensure the long-term health of the building and its occupants.


Education and Multi-family

Former manufacturing properties, contaminated from previous use, are now being redeveloped for senior living, multi-family housing, and even schools due to the low cost of land acquisition. Vapor intrusion, including radon, poses a real risk to the occupants in these buildings. Clean Vapor has helped craft national codes and standards for vapor intrusion mitigation systems. Our thirty-years of innovation have resulted in energy-efficient systems that provide remote monitoring and management, limited owner liability, and earned us an Advancement of Science and Technology Award.

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  • Rich Lombardo

    "After getting my Clean Vapor system installed it became clear why Clean Vapor is a leader in vapor mitigation..."

    Rich Lombardo
    Pompton Lakes Homeowner
  • Aurelia Ionescu

    "High level of professionalism.  Great design, impeccable work.  The design of the system was tailored to meet the specific requirements of my house.  The job was completed in a timely fashion with adequate planning."

    Aurelia Ionescu
    Pompton Lakes Homeowner
  • John Maddox, Senior Consultant
    "I thought I’d pass along my appreciation for Marcos Aguilera (Crew Chief) and the crew’s efforts (Chris Welles and Tony Cabral) on the Hudson Cleaners/NYC installation. Marcos showed good leadership and technical skills in organizing and implementing the work, and represented himself well with others on the job. The quality of the finished work was excellent, even that performed on the suspended platform with limited mobility."  
    John Maddox, Senior Consultant
    ERM, Melville, NY
  • Lisa Autry
    "In a new field concerning Radon I was overwhelmed with the variety of options and prices. Clean Vapor guaranteed results that did not come easy. This company was exceptionally professional and efficient. After having double digit radon levels they worked tirelessly to get them to 3.3 so I can sell my house with a clear conscience. I would recommend this company without hesitation."
    Lisa Autry
  • Edward Hettrick
    Clean Vaper is fantastic. The best in the business. I highly recommend them.  
    Edward Hettrick