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Reducing Risk through Vapor Intrusion Mitigation


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Clean Vapor designs and implements innovative mitigation technologies to provide others with a healthier environment and improved quality of life. This is our mission.
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Our Process



The first step in creating an efficient Vapor Intrusion Mitigation System (VIMS) is to diagnose your unique set of site-specific variables.

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Every vapor remediation solution is custom-designed to specifically address regulatory standards in your state and to ensure effective mitigation.

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Installation is more than simple assembly work. A great deal of scientific expertise and mechanical aptitude goes into achieving maximum results from every VI system.

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Response driven controls with real-time telemetrics allows you see inside your system and make operational decisions that give you complete peace of mind.

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Upcoming Events

1June 3, 2020 12 – 1:30 pm EnviroClass w/Tom Hatton and Roger Brewer
[Virtual] is the leading webinar platform for online PDHs in the environmental industry with world renowned speakers for Remediation, Vapor Intrusion, Wastewater, and Air Quality. Their training has been approved by geologic and environmental engineering boards in 47 states across the US. For More Info:
2Sept 1 – 3, 2020 Global EnviroSummit / Sheraton Charlotte, NC
EnviroSummit is a global conference with international presentations in the morning on the main stage, and breakout sessions for Remediation, Vapor Intrusion, Air Quality and Wastewater in the afternoon. Join the over 20,000 who have registered for more than 350 workshops on 6 continents. For More Info:
3Sept 23 – 24, 2020 A+WMA Advancements in VI and Emerging Contaminant Air Quality Issues
Sheraton Grand Hotel / Chicago IL Building off the momentum gathered during the nine previous meetings, this specialty conference will share research and solutions on the latest developments in the mitigation of the vapor intrusion (VI) pathway, including indicators and tracers, toxicology, risk assessment, sampling and lab analysis, and the newly-added topic of emerging contaminants. For More Info:
4Oct 06 – 08, 2020 EnviroWorkshops: Minneapolis/Des Moines/Kansas City
Oct 6 EnviroWorkshops / Minneapolis, MN Oct 7 EnviroWorkshops / Des Moines, IA Oct 8 EnviroWorkshops / Kansas City, KS
5Nov 04 – 05, 2020 EnviroWorkshops: Detroit/Toronto
Nov 4 EnviroWorkshops / Detroit, MI Nov 5 EnviroWorkshops / Toronto, ON

" philosophy is that ultimately, the purpose of a vapor intrusion mitigation system is to be protective of human health and the people who occupy those buildings.."

Tom Hatton

Licensed and Nationally Recognized

  • Aurelia Ionescu

    "High level of professionalism.  Great design, impeccable work.  The design of the system was tailored to meet the specific requirements of my house.  The job was completed in a timely fashion with adequate planning."

    Aurelia Ionescu
    Pompton Lakes Homeowner
  • Rich Lombardo

    "After getting my Clean Vapor system installed it became clear why Clean Vapor is a leader in vapor mitigation..."

    Rich Lombardo
    Pompton Lakes Homeowner